Monday, November 10, 2008

Wish You Were Here 2

"Backyard Escape"

Collage (photographs) with oil accent

Marlton, NJ

Another special place to me is my backyard that I knew throughout childhood. It is the place I like to go to escape from the city and to take in the trees and wildlife that I don't get to see on a daily basis. I used 2 completely unrelated photographs to assemble my collage. My hope is that the 2 messages would collide so that the viewer would get a sense of my attitude toward this space.


Sam said...

This image displays playfulness. The position of you in relation to the trees makes it seem like you are doing flips through the air. This really conveys the idea of a special place to you.
Living in the city, I sometimes miss my parents' backyard. I used to always play outside or go exploring through the woods. It doesn't seem like kids really go outside to play anymore, and I feel sorry for them.

jmkilburn said...

I think the leafless, black trees evoke the whole 'scary woods' storyline, but the playful upside-down / upside-down figure floating in the foreground dilutes that a bit. It's very stark, with just a bit of bleak sunlight coming through as the only color or warmth in the piece. When you only include one color, it opens up the 'what does this color mean to me' question, and the sunlight looks jaundiced to me. It's your domain, as none of this seems to bother you, but I just might 'keep out.'

lebuck8 said...

I love your new collage. It really reminds me of Henri Rousseau's work, specifically Carnival Evening. Not only the imagery, but the lighting as well.

Rita G said...

This is a successful piece. I feel the same way about the backyard at my parent's house where I grew up. In this picture you look free and comfortable.

Christy Hahn said...


The contrast of black and white in your image is very crisp and dynamic. It is interesting that you chose black and white over color, since you seem to be jumping in such a childlike way. To offset the stark quality, you have included a carefree image of yourself, which makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves! I can appreciate your love of your backyard. I have the same love affair with my yard.